Doug has led a number of YouLaunchU programs for our national youth development non-profit over the several months. He’s worked one-on-one with our students, trained some of our mentors on how to guide their students and led a job advancement workshop for some of our older alumni grappling with career decisions. In each case, his energy and rapport with our students and alumni have had a great effect on their confidence and commitment to career development.

Seth James Ellis, Summer Search
National Director of Alumni Relations & Development

Doug’s work with my daughter allowed me to be the loving supporting Dad – not the task master or lecture giver.

                                                                                                                                                                         Michael H

Doug led a fantastic two-day workshop for the athletes at our college. We were at the start of a new term and the career placement season was about to begin. His approach mixed real world advice with role-playing and peer feedback in a fun and uptempo format. They loved it. The sessions were energizing, relevant, and not only prepared the students for their upcoming job hunt, but also got them excited about their post-college opportunities.

Donald Brooks, Dartmouth College
Assistant Athletic Director

Doug consulted me when I was in a very grey area in my search for a job. He was the only person who was completely honest and straightforward with me. Doug helped me realize how honest and genuine you need to be to succeed. Without Doug’s ingenuity I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Nathan P

Doug’s feedback was instrumental in taking my resume from a weak, easily forgotten list of schools and accomplishments to something that really stood out. His advice was quick, pointed, and honest, which was extremely refreshing.

Keith O

Doug’s advice and hands on help noticeably improved my interview readiness. I believe the most important aspect of Doug’s involvement in my job search was how he helped me articulate my story to employers. His insight into both how and why employers ask the questions they do improved my readiness and hireability. Doug’s coaching helped me to land a job I enjoy in a field that excites me.

Billy M

Last year, I came to Doug with misguided sights of an easy in; a door to a powerful circle of references. He refused to let me off that easy. He told me exactly what I needed to hear and demanded that I was focused and driven in my job search. Doug gave me the guidance, motivation and wherewithal to find my own path and diligently pursue it. Foremost, he provided me with the toolbox to achieve whatever goals I set forth.

Brad Z