About YouLaunchU

YouLaunchU is a career counseling service dedicated to helping young people successfully enter and navigate the job market. The goal is to empower rising and recent graduates to develop the tools and confidence to best represent themselves to suitable employers. Once you’re in the game, we’ll help strategize next steps in your development – whether that means changing jobs, asking for a promotion, negotiating a raise, or deciding on further education. Our multi-module program will take you through the critical steps of identifying your talents, honing your skills, and clarifying your interests to make your best move forward.

What makes this process different?

YouLaunchU begins and ends with you. We work with you to determine your skills, interests, and passions. You create a cohesive vision of yourself that is distilled on your resume. That “you” is then articulated in the interview skills we help develop to represent yourself in the working world. Next, you decide where you best fit in and create a workable plan to engage those employers. Once you succeed in finding and securing a job, we think about what you need to thrive. From there the sky’s the limit.

To get a sense of our philosophy, check out this podcast interview with Founder, Doug Ireland.