Doug Ireland, Founder

Doug IrelandDoug graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in Psychology. While there, he was a multi-sport athlete and an active student on campus. He did not take advantage of the college’s career services office. Upon graduation, he had a brief and miserable professional tennis career before joining a telecommunications start-up soon thereafter. He pursued that field for six years with mixed success before entering Lehman Brothers’ training program.

Doug held management positions in the financial industry across an array of disciplines and geographies. He was involved in the hiring process for 30 years. Doug has hired and trained hundreds of new graduates. He has also conducted teach-ins for undergrad and grad school populations to provide insight into what employers look for, what distinguishes candidates, and what they bring to a job.

Since leaving finance, Doug’s been busy. He served as an elected member of the Board of Education for the Piedmont Unified School District for five years. Prior to this, Doug served a six year term on the Piedmont Ed Foundation and co-chaired Piedmont’s last two successful school parcel tax campaigns. For 20 years, he’s been a member of the Dartmouth Career Advisory Group focused on athletes and is also an advisor to Fairview Capital, a money management firm in Marin County. Doug has the most fun when he’s working with young people.  It’s why he’s spent years coaching soccer, sitting on the San Francisco Girls Chorus board, participating in numerous student-led homebuilding trips to Mexico, and harassing his four (adult?) kids.

Anna Eilertsen, First Lieutenant

img_0115Anna attended Whitman College where she earned a B.A. in English. She could usually be found working in the college Writing Center, leading sorority operations, and occasionally studying. While she claims to have perfected the art of procrastination, we’ve seen worse.

After she graduated, she lent her writing and marketing instincts in the early phases of our business and was instrumental in the ultimate direction of YouLaunchU. As a recent grad who also paid little or no attention to the college career services, Anna brought a fresh perspective about the needs and concerns of a liberal arts graduate.

Eventually, she ditched Doug for a real job and joined the Girl Scouts of Northern California, where she worked for two years as a Marketing & Communications Specialist. Fortunately, she overloaded on Thin Mints and returned to YouLaunchU.

Anna has driven content creation, day-to-day client engagement and led the development of Launch Mode, our career-focused card game. Her sense of humor and empathy with our clientele has benefited everyone involved with YouLaunchU.

Having completed the Kickstarter campaign to fund Launch Mode, Anna has rejoined the traditional workforce at the YMCA of the East Bay where she manages media content and program. We miss her regular participation but appreciate her advice and counsel when called upon.

Joshua Lachs, Senior Advisor

josh-air-bb-1Josh has had a successful executive leadership career within social enterprise and education sectors. Today, Josh runs MoneyThink, a non-profit dedicated to help people navigate their educational expenses. Prior to that, he helped grow Net Impact. Earlier, Josh served as CEO for Breakthrough Collaborative, an award-winning national college- and career-readiness organization for educators. And still further back, he worked at Goodwill in their career placement business.

In his prior life, Josh spent many years in the not-so-ivory-tower of university life, serving in executive administration where he built and managed rock-star teams and led significant operational, program, and financial growth. Having hired, developed, and promoted many high-potential, motivated people into various roles, he’s acknowledged to have an eye for talent. And we think that generally bodes well for our clients.

Contending to being more street-smart than book-smart, he earned a B.A. from UC Berkeley and two (yes, two) Masters degrees from Columbia University (yes, that Columbia), making him by far the most educated member of our team. Luckily, he does not hold this over our heads. Instead, he just gets to employ veto power, or as he puts it “suggestions,” on all of our half-baked ideas.

When he’s not serving on numerous local nonprofit boards and advisory councils, mentoring young professionals, generally trying to make the world a better place (and apparently mastering the art of time management) Josh enjoys too much food, and then works it off swimming, playing Xbox, or jumping on the trampoline with his wife, Samantha, and their two boys.