Knowing what skills, character traits and interests each of you bring to the job search is vital to the process. Knowing who you are and learning from third party assessments can help frame the discussion.

Identify Traits & Skills

Self-assessment can be an ideal starting point for a job search.
First, do some self-reflection. Identify two things you are really good at, two things you like about yourself, two positive words you would like people to use in describing you. Own those before you get input from outside sources.
Next, find an outside assessment test that assists in identifying personality traits, skills, and values – all of which are useful when thinking about a job that will best suit you.
There are free or inexpensive assessment tests available online. Most insightful will be assessments that offer a battery of skills, values, and personality tests. The more information, the better.

Review & Understand the Results

Reflect on the insights the tests reveal. Decide if you agree with the assessment or not. If you don’t, think about why you disagree or what you would say instead.
While the results are by no means concrete, they can point out distinguishing characteristics and preferences. Test results can highlight your strengths and identify various kinds of work you might enjoy.
Some tests will recommend areas of potential “fit”. They are merely suggestions. They should not be considered definitive or binding.

Incorporate Results into Your Plan

Once you understand your results, decide what action to take.
Weave the skills and traits into the language on your resume and in your interview prep.
Explore whether these revelations change your perceived job direction.
Be prepared to discuss these revelations during job prep and interviews, formal or otherwise.

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“One of my biggest challenges with the job search has been balancing the desire to pursue the “perfect job” versus a job to get me started. There are lots of factors which weigh in. Doug’s approach goes beyond “fix the resume, prep for the interview, send a thank you note” and actually balances practical factors with aspirations. He helped me see the big picture and weigh my options to make my best decision.”

-Ana M.

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