There are assessment tests available both free and with fees. There are many and these are some of the best. Take one and reflect on the test results by yourself or with someone who knows you.

Assessment Tests:


No single document determines the outcome of your career search more than your resume.


Do some homework to find out about employment opportunities

  • National newspapers – New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post
  • Local news- in print and online sources
  • Social media- FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
  • Best Places to Work – The Best Big Companies
  • Magazines- interest specific or general information
  • Corporate annual reports
  • SEC filings
  • CrunchBase


There is no more valuable single resource in the career search process than LNKD today. Get familiar with the platform and the many services it provides.

Industry Specific Job Sites (there are many more)

Supplement your experience

Virtual Experiences / Internships

Test the Gig economy

Skill Building / Online Learning

Write a blog or a white paper, learn google analytics or Python, SQ, data science, website design, WordPress

Volunteer Work

  • Tutoring
  • Local Hospitals
  • Political Campaigns
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Big Brother Big Sister
  • Local Food Bank
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