Group Sessions

We work with youth development non-profits, college career offices, athletic departments, and campus organizations. We lead workshops that emphasize their shared experiences and the unique life skills they bring to employers. Our goal is to help them leverage their distinctive experience to find jobs that meet their practical and long-term goals.

Our workshops are customized to the needs of the students our client organizations serve. They range from a single day session review to several days of intense group and individual work. We have conducted these programs in person and remotely with excellent results.

Ready to get started?

Fill out our contact form, or email Doug and we’ll be in touch asap. Let us know what services you’re interested in, and we’ll make it happen! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to poke around the site and familiarize yourself with our approach and curriculum content!

"Doug’s work with my daughter allowed me to be the loving supporting Dad – not the task master or lecture giver."

-Michael H.

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