We Have a Career Center?

Rodney and Bernadette, juniors at Small College, were walking to class having just returned from Spring Break.

Rodney: I’m so glad we both got into Physiology of Mythical Creatures this quarter!

Bernadette: Me too. I can’t wait to hear about how the Loch Ness theoretically uses its tail.

Rodney: Agreed! Man but when I was home over break and told my parents about this class, they launched into a huge tirade about how I need to make sure I’m “taking the right steps to set myself up for success after college”.

Bernadette: I had the same conversation over Christmas. I told them I’d make an appointment at the Career Center to calm them down.

Rodney: Ooh well played! Did you end up doing it?

Bernadette: Are you kidding? I still don’t even know if we even have a Career Center. Do as I say Rodney, not as I do.

Rodney: Well I can confirm the existence of the Career Center, but couldn’t tell you where it is or what goes on. Add it to the list of unsolved mysteries – right up there with Loch Ness!

Bernadette: I bet that’s where Sandinista Poindexter was heading yesterday, all decked out in her “business casual” look. Why is everyone so eager to sell out?

Rodney: I know! Isn’t it enough that I’ll have a degree in Victorian Literature from a small fairly obscure college? I want to truly live and see the world, not just sit in some cubicle tracking click counts for Techy Tech.

Bernadette: Exactly! Have fun with your unpaid internship Sandinista, we hope you come out rich with work experience! Ew.

Rodney: So do you actually have any summer plans yet?

Bernadette: I mean…no…but I’ll figure out something cool. You?

Rodney: Well no…not yet. Maybe Jumbo Juice again. And I might be able to finally move to the room above my parents garage, so that’s something.

Bernadette: Cool.

Don’t be like Rodney and Bernadette. Find the Career Center and scope out their resources. Your diligence and initiative are the most important factors in a job search, and this is a great place to start.

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