Finding the Job

When Less is More

Francine was in a tough spot. Next weekend she’d graduate Extra Cum Laude from Elite University, but she still didn’t have a job or a plan for the summer. Everyone knew Francine. She was always active on campus, president of the student government, and famous for convincing the Board to implement 2 ply toilet paper …

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We Have a Career Center?

Rodney and Bernadette, juniors at Small College, were walking to class having just returned from Spring Break. Rodney: I’m so glad we both got into Physiology of Mythical Creatures this quarter! Bernadette: Me too. I can’t wait to hear about how the Loch Ness theoretically uses its tail. Rodney: Agreed! Man but when I was home over break …

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Our First Field Trip

The staff of YouLaunchU took its first field trip to the mean streets of Job Searching yesterday to get a glimpse of what’s really going on. We visited the SacJobs Fair just outside Sacramento for a “meet and greet” where local employers introduced themselves to job seekers. Presenters included health care providers, financial institutions, auto …

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