Finding the Job

Upcoming Workshop: The YouLaunchU Roundtable

Attention college students (and parents!) Returning for summer break? Worried about your job prospects? Baffled by the new career search paradigm? Lost about where to start? Fear not. TheYouLaunchU Roundtable, a workshop for rising and recent college graduates will provide a framework to develop the tools and confidence to successfully enter the job market. Summer …

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When Less is More

Francine was in a tough spot. Next weekend she’d graduate Extra Cum Laude from Elite University, but she still didn’t have a job or a plan for the summer. Everyone knew Francine. She was always active on campus, president of the student government, and famous for convincing the Board to implement 2 ply toilet paper …

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We Have a Career Center?

Rodney and Bernadette, juniors at Small College, were walking to class having just returned from Spring Break. Rodney: I’m so glad we both got into Physiology of Mythical Creatures this quarter! Bernadette: Me too. I can’t wait to hear about how the Loch Ness theoretically uses its tail. Rodney: Agreed! Man but when I was home over break …

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Our First Field Trip

The staff of YouLaunchU took its first field trip to the mean streets of Job Searching yesterday to get a glimpse of what’s really going on. We visited the SacJobs Fair just outside Sacramento for a “meet and greet” where local employers introduced themselves to job seekers. Presenters included health care providers, financial institutions, auto …

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