Roll out the Rolodex

Spud was distraught. He’d been looking for a job for months with no luck. He’d had a few interviews in the early stages of his search, but these days it felt like he was shouting into a void that wasn’t listening. But don’t feel too bad for Spud yet because he was luckier than most. …

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When Less is More

Francine was in a tough spot. Next weekend she’d graduate Extra Cum Laude from Elite University, but she still didn’t have a job or a plan for the summer. Everyone knew Francine. She was always active on campus, president of the student government, and famous for convincing the Board to implement 2 ply toilet paper …

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Remember the References

It was a great day for Henrietta. After months of churning out job applications, she finally had good news – she’d advanced to the final round of interviews for an engineering position with Another Tech Co. She was thrilled. She didn’t want to get ahead of herself, but it was nice to see her hard …

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Our First Field Trip

The staff of YouLaunchU took its first field trip to the mean streets of Job Searching yesterday to get a glimpse of what’s really going on. We visited the SacJobs Fair just outside Sacramento for a “meet and greet” where local employers introduced themselves to job seekers. Presenters included health care providers, financial institutions, auto …

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Schmoozing and Losing

Freddie had been a charmer since day one. He loved schmoozing parents and teachers and could usually find a way to weasel out of chores or retake a bombed test. So when he learned networking was a key to finding a job, he figured he was set. He’d always been a natural salesman, and figured …

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