The Dirty Dozen

You’re just starting work. You only get one chance to make a first impression and you don’t want to be the subject of an office-all email. Here’s the dirty dozen of egregious don’ts:

  1. Show up on the wrong day
  2. Go in for the man hug
  3. Wear competitor’s swag
  4. Over-caffeinate on all the free coffee
  5. Face time with your mom
  6. Give your boss a nickname
  7. Stuff your face and backpacks with free dim-sum and cupcakes
  8. Monopolize the foosball table
  9. Pull out your vape pen in the conference room
  10. Fall asleep in the company lounge
  11. Steal the toothpaste from the corporate bathroom
  12. Get toasted at the first company happy hour

Good luck!


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