A Bad Day at the Job Market: Good Ideas Left Behind

Distilling your experience, skills, and accomplishments down to a one page resume isn’t always easy. Some stuff just won’t make the cut. But too many times, stand-out qualities get snubbed in favor of more generic ones – the ones that sounds like they belong on a resume, instead of the ones that might actually distinguish… Read More »

LaunchMode: Notes from the FIeld

Here in the land of fabulous company perks; 24/7 food service, gym access, laundry delivery, dog friendly offices… we thought it was worth looking at another scene on the work environment landscape. Recently, we spent the day with a local Bay area business owner. It’s a thriving, creative, intense place with lots of deadlines, seasonal… Read More »

A Bad Day at the Job Market: High Sights, Low Results

Glinda had always set her sights high. Throughout high school and college she was involved in a multitude of clubs, projects, and activities, along with an ambitious academic agenda. And while her passion and dedication were obvious, she also had a tendency to bite off more than she could chew. With graduation approaching, she was… Read More »

A Better Day at the Job Market (finally!)

Norbert was a young employee at a hot tech start-up. It was his first job out of college and he was working hard, learning a lot, and making a good wage with good people. All was going well… until it wasn’t. One morning, as he was scrolling through his news feed, he was surprised to… Read More »

A Bad Day at the Job Market: When Less is More

Francine was in a tough spot. Next weekend she’d graduate Extra Cum Laude from Elite University, but she still didn’t have a job or a plan for the summer. Everyone knew Francine. She was always active on campus, president of the student government, and famous for convincing the Board to implement 2 ply toilet paper… Read More »

A Bad Day at the Job Market: The Dirty Dozen

You’re just starting work. You only get one chance to make a first impression and you don’t want to be the subject of an office-all email. Here’s the dirty dozen of egregious don’ts: Show up on the wrong day Go in for the man hug Wear competitor’s swag Over-caffeinate on all the free coffee Face… Read More »

LaunchMode: So You’ve Landed an Internship…

Why should you care? What’s the point of this internship? It can be many things – job exposure, experience, money, connections, learning what you do and don’t want in a job, positioning yourself to secure a full time offer later. Internships can be impactful but vary widely and range from shadowing to doing real work.… Read More »