A Bad Day at the Job Market: We Have a Career Center?

Rodney and Bernadette, juniors at Small College, were walking to class having just returned from Spring Break. Rodney: I’m so glad we both got into Physiology of Mythical Creatures this quarter! Bernadette: Me too. I can’t wait to hear about how the Loch Ness theoretically uses its tail. Rodney: Agreed! Man but when I was home over break… Read More »

LaunchMode: Our First Field Trip

The staff of YouLaunchU took its first field trip to the mean streets of Job Searching yesterday to get a glimpse of what’s really going on. We visited the SacJobs Fair just outside Sacramento for a “meet and greet” where local employers introduced themselves to job seekers. Presenters included health care providers, financial institutions, auto… Read More »

A Bad Day at the Job Market: The Resume Slaughter

It was internship application season and Roger and Shirley, veteran employees at worldwide company TechyTech, were tasked with narrowing the applicant pool from 500 to 25. This was an annual ritual for them, meaning they were experts at slashing and trashing resumes. Of course they wanted to find the best candidates, but there wasn’t enough… Read More »

A Bad Day at the Job Market – Staying Current

Mervin was jazzed. He finally had a job interview. A real-life sit-down face-to-face interview. Now interviews like this didn’t come around too often for Mervin. He was a capable fellow with a college degree and superior tech skills, but he wasn’t always great at putting himself out there. He did some odd jobs here and… Read More »

A Bad Day at the Job Market

When you’re on the job hunt, it’s crucial to remember that the interview portion does not begin and end with the formal interview. Instead, think of every step along the way as part of one long extended interview. Your email exchanges, your phone conversations, your thank-you notes – these all factor into your success. Take… Read More »