Launch Mode

launch mode gameWhat would you do if you found 6 typos on your resume? How about if your high school rival was the only connection to your dream company?

Whether you send an edible arrangement, start a fire in the trash or apply under a new name, Launch Mode will prep you for the absurd as you gear up for the job market!

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The Game

side shot of gameLaunch Mode is our way of making job-related conversations less of a drag. Our game is simple—each round, one player poses a career related “worst case” scenario, and all other players submit their best, funniest, or cheekiest response. We think if you’ve laughed your way through an absurd scenario, you might just be more prepared when the real deal comes around.

The game includes 100 Scenario Cards, 350 Response Cards, and 2 Custom Dice (because we assume everyone is as prone to losing dice as we are). Launch Mode is intended for 4-8 players and a game typically lasts 30-40 minutes.

The beauty of Launch Mode lies in its versatility! So whether it’s a gift for your college grad, an ice breaker or team-building activity for your group, or just a fun addition to your game collection, we’ve got you covered!

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This wacky game was made possible through a collaboration with University Games and an awesome Kickstarter campaign. We like to think we’ve come a long way since our crowdfunding adventure and have loved and appreciated the support every step of the way!

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